Second World War Classroom

The Second World War Classroom is located in  Price's Square, Northfield. A team of volunteers led by a former teacher offer a realistic experience of what it was like to be at school just as war was announced and evacuation orders received.

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The sessions last about an hour. Children are given identity labels to write out and lessons are taught which are contemporary for Autumn 1939 - with special attention given to the war. This is the perfect enhancement of any study of the wartime period and has proved very popular with children and adults alike.

A session costs just £3.00 per  child and can be booked by contacting Val Hart or  Bron Salway

A double session experience for the  WW2 classroom is just £6.00  per  childto include - classroom, handling artefacts, quiz and other related activities

Phone: 0121 443 2403